Our Security modules  

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Implement and maintain ISMS standards in your company with ease. 

  Implement your ISMS of choice: A simple step-by-step process of implementing and managing ISMS requirements

  Risk analysis: Add risks, analyse & evaluate impact

   A c countability:   Assign risk owners for accountability and collaboration

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Incident Management

Proactively manage risks: identify, assess, and mitigate risks across the enterprise.

  Control Structure   Implement a robust and transparent internal control structure to ensure efficient and effective processes.  

   Ensure consistency:   Establish common risk form templates for risk strategy. Improve your decision-making by automating and standardizing risk management.

   Collaboration:   Improve collaboration and communication

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Our Data Management modules 

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Data Classification

Create a data classification scheme to identify the value as an asset for departments or the company as a whole

   Identify  Criticality:   identify the criticality of data in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability, sensitivity to privacy. 

   Trust: improve trust in data simply by providing transparency into definitions, business rules, data quality, ...

 Visibility :  provide visibility to what data the organization has at the enterprise level.

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