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You must choose one user license for each user who needs access to RESPONSUM*

*Experience Center employees excluded.                                                                                                                       30€/user/month


The foundation is the base of RESPONSUM, it is required to enable other Module.

Infrastructure Management ⎜Data Dictionary ⎜Process Management

Effectively manage your hardware, software and IT (cloud) services. Create detailed and comprehensive inventory of data attributes, data objects and data subjects.
Create  processes in an intuitive way.

39 €/month


Self Scan 

Privacy Maturity Check

The Privacy Maturity Check scans how personal data  is collected, used, shared and maintained in your organization.
The assessment provides you with a detailed picture of how compliant you are and a maturity curve on five capability levels.
* Foundation needs to be installed


Data Management Maturity Check

The Data Management Maturity Check  measurse the maturity of your organization’s data  management process and
to assist its progress from the initial/ad-hoc state toward the optimized state. 
* Foundation needs to be installed


Privacy Management

Record of Processing Activities

Easily convert your business processes into processing activities and stay on top of all personal data being processed in your organization!

33 €/month

Legal Management

Streamline day-to-day  privacy management: perform and document legitimate interest balancing tests, manage legal obligations
and keep notices and templates organized. Set up a review cycle to identify improvements.

18 €/month

Data Protection by Design

Assess when to conduct a DPIA and receive step-by-step guidance when completing one. Check compliance with the
Data Protection Principles and set-up a mitigation plan.

28 €/month

Legal Advices

Legal advices can be stored and edited in a centralized location. This Module offers the ability to collaborate
and enables categorization for easy access.

11 €/month

Data Subject Requests

Fulfil   Data Subject request  accurately, efficiently and seamlessly.  When a new request is added, all stakeholders across 
your organisation will get notified and can easily collaborate  to locate the data, and ultimately provide the data to the requesting user within time.

28 €/month

Experience Center


Identify  your weakest link, by organizing a phishing simulation. Easily launch an e-mail or SMS phishing or set-up a USB-Drop.

Credit Based*


Easily provide your employees access to online training and track results. Our trainings about Privacy, Security and Data Management
are developed by experts and can be followed anywhere and at anytime.

Credit Based*


Keep awareness level high between simulations and training. Send tips and tricks to your employees and share progress.



*Pay per credit 0,20€/credit  

Want to experience how RESPONSUM can help within your organisation?