The foundation of our product

How it works?



Who executes the process?


What kind of data is processed?


Who is the processed data about? 


Which IM system(s) are used to process the data?
Processes in your organization are an interplay of actors who process (personal) data in combination with the IM system(s) that are used to process this data.

When processes in an organization change, this interplay changes.
Therefore having control of your data dictionary, IM Systems and processes,

is key in compliance with Privacy and Security requirements.

Our foundation modules

Infrastructure Management

Effectively manage your hardware, software and IT (cloud) services relevant to data flows and potential risks across your organization


  Control:  Accurately manage IT assets within your global organization

  Efficient:  Efficiently import and export your assets

  Review Cycle: Easily set-up a review cycle and ensure conformity

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Data Dictionary

Create detailed and comprehensive inventory of data attributes, data objects and data subjects that are used in your organization  

  Build-in Attributes:   A list of internationally most common used attributes are by default available

     Regulation based:  Link attributes to regulations to easily monitor compliance

   Create Data Objects:  Create your own data objects that combine several attributes 

Process Management

Build a network of process champions across your organization and empower them with the Process Management Module to map their business processes.   

  Easy Configuration: Create processes in an intuitive way, the tool graphically shows the inputs, actions and outputs of a process in a clear, step-by-step map of the process

  Intelligent:  Efficiently link processes, data and infrastructure to a process (step) 

  Templates: Get a head start by starting from sector-specific templates and edit to tailor the templates to your organization

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Privacy can be a complex challenge,  RESPONSUM enables you to easily manage Privacy Compliance

Based on Processes

Intelligently capture all personal data being processed in your organization

Fully Integrated

Leverage integrated RESPONSUM Privacy Modules that grow stronger together