Get a view on the maturity level of your organization based on international frameworks

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Privacy Maturity Check

The Privacy Maturity Check scans how personal data  is collected, used, shared and maintained in your organization. The assessment provides you with a detailed picture of how compliant you are and a maturity curve on five capability levels.

  Maturity Level: Get a view on the Privacy maturity level of your organization

   Benchmarking: Convince your board with sector benchmarks to invest in privacy 

  Risk Mitigation Identify appropriate privacy controls to mitigate risks

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Data Management Maturity Check

The Data Management Maturity Check  measures the maturity of your organizations  data  management processes and assists its progress from the initial/ad-hoc state toward the optimized state. 

  Maturity Level: Identify strengths and gaps and get a view on the Data Management maturity level of your organization

  Benchmarking: Benchmark against peers

  Optimization:  Understand where you are today and receive a path to  improve your data management capability

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Why RESPONSUM Self Scan?


Visualize benchmark results and get an immediate view of where you stand.

International Frameworks

Based on Privacy and Security Frameworks.


Benchmark against peers.

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